This is crazy… Just 4 short years ago i remember sitting down in my kitchen trying to build my first website and i remember thinking to myself what are the odds if i can make this internet marketing thing work and actually secure a future rather than being stuck as a dj for the rest of time.

The past 18 months has seriously been a challenge going from a home internet marketer to now handling the online marketing with some of the top brands here in Malaysia with Iprospect Malaysia but as they say, efforts equals resultsĀ  and tonight it proved to be true.

We were proud to have 2 campaigns which made it through to the finals under the “Best Use of Search” category and nerves did kinda set in as we awaited our category to be called up…

But thankfully there were beers flowing and non-stop peach schnapps and vodka shots which kept all the nerves at bay till the final moment.

Vodka & Peach Schnapps Shooters Bar at The Markies 2014

Vodka & Peach Schnapps Shooters Bar at The Markies 2014

Karl Cardoza at Markies 2014

I Prefer a Nice Cold One


And the results are in!!!

The Conjuring Youtube Trueview Project with Carat Malaysia takes “Best use of Search” category at the 2014 Markies Awards.

Best Use of Search - Advertising and Marketing Magazine Awards 2014

Best Use of Search – Advertising and Marketing Magazine Awards 2014

The Conjuring was seriously a horrific campaign to put together. Sniffing through hundreds of hours of horror movies and drilling it down to types like zombies, vampires, paranormal and even going into popular local terms to create the ultimate strategy to capture audiences and engage them with the trailer……but i really cant reveal too much here or my ass would be on the line haha.

Here’s some more party pics of the night

This has seriously been a blessing and am humbled to have this chance to work with some of the best online advertisers and marketers on this project.Who knows where the next 4 years will take us, but one thing for sure… if there’s a plan, there’s a destination.

To the Top!

Best use of search - markies awards 2014

Me and my broken hand with the award for best use of search

Watch Tony Robbins & Frank Kern Expose Why 72% of People Who Buy Marketing Training Products Never Take Action in the First 90 Days and how you can solve this problem in your online business.

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So I was browsing through my google playstore when I noticed this WordPress Mobile Blogging app for android and of course, I couldn’t resist downloading and testing it out even though I was in the middle of dinner here at the poolside cafe here at my condo…

So naturally the first thing I tried is posting a photo of my favourite Nasi Goreng Belacan taken directly from my camera through the WordPress blogging app.

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So I’ve been working round the clock getting my blog ready to start marketing again as for those of you in my inner circle know that I’ve been kind of on a break from network marketing to focus on Online marketing with an advertising agency handling big brands and all when i really came to a halt when i reached My Story page..

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Looking for the Best Comment Plugin for WordPress? Look no further. In this article i will reveal my Best wordpress plugins to combat spam, create valuable outbound links, increase user engagement as well as increase page virility. In narrowing the top plugins, i’ve had to go through hundreds of wordpress plugin reviews to narrow it to what i feel is the top 5 most essential comment plugins for wordpress. This list is as so:-

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