Global NPN Review

global npn review

Hi and welcome to my Global NPN Review. In this review of the Global NPN Business i want to give you the cold hard facts about the business and why i chose global npn over the rest.

First Things First.. I have to be brutally honest when i say that it is indeed getting harder and harder to find good high converting businesses these days with all the “programs ” popping up everyday but thankfully i manage to stumble across the global npn business via the leadskimmer system and after doing much deligence i can safely say that not only is it a very reputable business but proves to have massive potential in terms of generating a decent income online.

Global NPN Review – Scam Or Legit?

Naturally in any business online this is probably the first question that anyone would pose, so let’s dig in into the nitty gritty about the business.  Global NPN was created and currently managed by Geoff Stephens whom is one of the top marketers in the industry. The New Plan Network is a business owned and operated by WebShooter Multimedia, a company that has been doing business on and off the internet for over 10 years. TheNPN.Com was launched in April of 2005 and has been in consistant operation since then, and plans to be long into the future.

TheNPN’s operations is located just north of Victoria, BC, Canada, which is just off the west coast of Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island.

The primary owner of WebShooter and TheNPN.Com is Geoff Stephen. Geoff is a certified computer systems engineer, and a very experienced web programmer. He has operated many successful websites and affiliate programs, and has been in both the offline and online marketing and technical industries for the past 10 years. He’s also a former professional musician, having toured over much of North America entertaining the masses.. Geoff is married and has 3 great kids that manage to take up his time when he’s not staring at a computer screen – which isn’t very often!

The  mailing address is located on the site is:

WebShooter Multimedia
General Delivery
Shawnigan Lake, BC
Canada, V0R 2W0

Global NPN Review – Compensation Plan And How It Works

So naturally this is the part of my global npn review that is going to get you excited. Now i have been apart of many programs and i must say that i always love matrix programs but this one comes with a twist… You earn 100% matching bonus which means who ever earns a commission, you will earn a commission.

YouTube Preview Image

For any compensation plan to work, you need to work the plan and market the business but here is something that will catch your attention and that is you can actually create a 5 figure monthly income just by recruiting 1 person a month at the lowest package (imagine at the higher package)

Global NPN Review – Can You Really See Results

As per in any business there will be those that succeed and those that fail as such i want to make sure that on our team, you get the best support possible and be able to start marketing your business and generating leads ASAP. Along with the business you will also get access to my personal roledex of links to enable you to start driving hundreds of hits if not thousands to your sites for FREE or Almost FREE

This is pertinent to your success as most people just end up pitching the same old people that didnt want to join their last business and i want to make sure that history does not repeat itself.

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(without chasing friends and family…..FOREVER!!)



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