Karl Cardoza


You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today. Let me tell you a quick story about how i struggled as a broke struggling dj, trying to learn how to market online back in 2009.

At the time, I was searching for a way to create an additional source of income to make ends meet and it was at about this time, i stumbled across the world of internet marketing which immediately caught my attention

I started learning from blogs and youtube and started playing around with affiliate marketing but honestly…I was struggling at everything. Learning how to build websites, drive traffic and make sales.. the whole nine yards. And I was getting more and more frustrated with all the technicalities and literally had zero dollars to make anything happen

And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse,  something really bad happened:

We were away from our home for a few days and when we got back, we noticed our house gates and doors were wide open. As we walked into our home… everything was ransacked and everything.. and i mean everything of value… was gone.

My dj equipment, computer, my wives jewelry, kids toys, my fan, my fridge, pots, pans and even my mother-in-laws wheelchair which we needed to take her for her baths..

This meant we had no place to stay, no money and i couldn’t even go for my dj gigs to earn money and had to no choice but to move back to my mums house.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of being able to build an online business or at the least make enough and support my family.

It was about this time, i stumbled across an ad on facebook about an elite group of online marketers and they were giving away a 14 day trial to their internet marketing training vault which was actually designed for network marketers. .. I figured what the heck!

At that point, everything changed!

This system not only provided next level internet marketing training but also provided us website builders, video hosting, email marketing and pre-made sales funnels I learnt how to find laser targeted audiences. People who were interested and even in the middle of looking for what it is i was selling. I learnt how to build high converting lead capture pages and sales funnels to capture those leads and convert them to buyers


I learnt how to drive traffic through facebook ads and seo.

The Result… 

Imagine, with absolutely no money, no prior success or even my own laptop, i managed to get on the leaderboard along side 6-7 figure marketers.

It Gets Better…

A couple of months later,

i had the opportunity to join one of the top digital marketing companies and while i was making some pretty good income at that time…

The opportunity to up my game and become an expert was something i could not pass.

In the months to come, i started learning from seasoned veterans and in no time, found myself handling the marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world which include adidas, Samsung, AirAsia and more

I continued learning, pushing my boundaries and sooner than later, found myself taking stage collecting awards after awards with my team for the work we did.

While this was great, i was still unsatisfied… empty.. and believed that there was something more i could do with my skills.


Karl Cardoza

While still in a job, i partnered with a friend to launch Malaysia’s first startup providing medical concierge services, another business with my brother in law in the green tech field and also a senior care company.

All three of these ventures did their first 6 figures in less than a year leveraging nothing more than digital marketing to capture sales.

Today, clients pay me an upwards of 5 figures to help them grow their businesses which i am forever grateful to the systems, teachings and mentorship i received through out the years and the best part is that i am still able to pursue my career


While indeed being an entrepreneur is something that i am born for, i also realize that its also possible to continue developing your career while having your side hustles. This led me back to corporate where i headed the ecommerce SEO at Maxis. Going back to corporate while balancing my side hustles was hard but it also showed me how to automate a good bulk of my work. As of right now, i am attached with another company but still focus on helping people really leverage the internet along with digital marketing tools and strategies to grow their businesses and side hustles. Thanks for reading about my story. I believe we are only just getting started. Scroll below to find a gift from me to you 🙂


Trying to manouver through this fast paced digital marketing industry can be confusing. Over the years i have helped many, many, many business owners overcome this confusion and achieve their goals. If you are stuck in your digital marketing and can’t figure out what to do next, then go ahead and click the link below to schedule a 30 min strategy session with me .. 1-on-1