Hey my friend. Welcome to another post. Today we are going to touch on a topic I believe most people struggle with (your’s truly included). If you are unfamiliar with the term procrastination, it simply means to delay taking action on a task which you are supposed to do now.

In my journey to improve my own procrastination, i have tried many tools, strategies, tips and tactics of which each had its own results respectively. When asked what is the best way to solve procrastination, then i believe its the following

  1. First focusing on why our brains procrastinate (educate)
  2. What can we do to stop the habit (tactics)
  3. What are the tools we can use to help keep us accountable

These 3 core concepts have indeed helped me take massive action and so I hope this post helps you too. Let me know in the comments section below. With that being said let’s dig a little deeper.

1. Inside the mind of a procrastinator.

This is a ted talk video by Tim Urban which I came across not too long ago. It really blew my mind how procrastination works and how we allow ourselves to go into autopilot mode. Watch the video below and then move on the item #2

2. What can we do to stop procrastination (tactics)

Now that you understand why we procrastinate and the only way to really stop it and start taking massive action is to plan your work and work your plan. Easier said than done but honestly, it’s not that hard with the right tools. What works for me is the 3 prong approach

a) Add your thoughts and tasks to a list or your notes app or notebook.
b) Periodically through the day your tasks and then schedule it in your calendar. Block out the time so that the work is scheduled to get done
c) Block out your family/life time. Many times we procrastinate our work to focus on life and vice versa. I schedule everything now from time with the wife and kids to even doing my meditation sessions.

the secret to beating procrastination

3. Leverage Tools

For note-taking, I just use apple notes but I also am a big fan of Evernote. For those who like taking physical notes, i encourage you to check out Carrol Ryders Bullet Journal

For task tracking, I use the todoist app for my personal task management and Trello for collaboration. Todoist can also do collaboration but it would cost a little more compared to Trello.

Calendar app… Google calendars have worked well for me and have been for many years. This is definitely one app I cannot live without. Aside from scheduling my work and tasks, I also schedule my entire day including meditation time, time with the wife, time with kids and etc.

Before sleeping everyday i look at my calendar and task lists and make sure that the next day is planned out and at the end of the day i normally update all the things that were completed and what needed to be moved.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Join in the conversation by sharing your tools and tips below in the comments section 🙂