Welcome to the marketers tool box. Here are some of the tools that i personally use in my businesses and projects that i 1000% believe will help you grow your business too. Most of the tools below are either free or comes with a free trial but 1 thing for sure, all the tools you see below is worth 10x more. Enjoy these tools and be sure to bookmark this page for future reference




Godaddy has been my preferred domain registra since for ever. They offer loads of additional services like email hosting, masking, forwarding aswell as great aftersales support. 

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Clickfunnels (Best Choice)

Clickfunnels is the worlds best sales funnel builder. It also comes with really good hosting and a FREE DOMAIN NAME. If you are running a business or looking to launch one, you need a sales funnel.

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exabytes malaysia

Exabytes (Malaysia)

Exabytes is without doubt the best domain and hosting provider if you want to start a Malaysian site. You can get hosting, local domain names and much more. I have been using them since 2018 and have super happy with the overall experience

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For hosting, no service is more reliable than hostgator. Its the perfect place to start and for those with high traffic sites, you can opt to get a private server too. 

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Sales Funnel Tools


Clickfunnels (Best Choice)

Clickfunnels is the worlds best sales funnel builder. It also comes with really good hosting and a FREE DOMAIN NAME. If you are running a business or looking to launch one, you need a sales funnel.

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Your Autoresponder is the key to any business. I have been using get response for almost 10 years now and it hasn’t failed me yet. In fact they have added so many new features too like webinar platforms and sales pages too. Its Simple and affordable and also comes with a 30 day free trial!

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One funnel away

One Funnel Away Challenge

How would you like the best marketers in the world to take you by your hand and coach you for 30 days to create your million dollar funnel?

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Funnelscripts is the best copywriting software on the planet. NO JOKE! With just a couple of clicks of the button, the software cranks out all the copy you need. From headlines, to sales letters, video scripts, masterclass PowerPoints and so much more. 


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Dotcom secrets

Yes i know, Its a book. But honestly when it comes to sales funnels, this is more than just a book. This is the best resource to really learning how to build million dollar funnels.  Inside you will learn about the 7 core funnels and how to put them together for your business in a way that is digestible.  The link below will lead you to a page where you can get a copy of the psyical book for FREE. Whats the catch? You will need to cover the shipping cost which is a good deal. 

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SEO Tools



SEMrush is an all in one SEO management tool which I have been using SEMrush for years and it only gets better. Its a close rival to ahrefs which does have a better database but essentially i prefer to use semrush for the additional tools and features that come with it.

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Google Search Console & Analytics

If you have a website then you need to install google analytics and search console which will help track your website performance on google as well as your other sources of traffic. You can register for both using the links below

Google Search Console

Google Analytics 


screaming frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming from is a crawling tool which i have been using for years. It will allow you to crawl your entire site and identify areas to fix and improve. It comes in really handy in the meta tag writing stage allowing you download all the meta tags at one go. Free? Yes but with limitations as you will be able to crawl 500 pages. Upgrade to unlock unlimited crawling

 Visit the screaming frog page



Ahrefs is slightly better than SEMrush when it comes to SEO Management as well as the ability to drive your backlink campaigns and even competitor spying. Ahrefs is definately the tool for those who already grasp the concept of SEO and are looking to kick it to the next level. Both are priced roughly the same but on the higher tiers Ahrefs is slightly more expensive but worth every penny. 

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small seo tools

Small seo tools

I found this website a while back and honestly for a bunch of free tools, it sure packs value. You can find keyword research tools, audit tools and much more. It will certainly come in handy if you are on a budget

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Google trends

Google Trends

This tool has been available for years yet i feel it is really under utilized. Using Google trends, you will be able to research trends happening in any country and even city. 

Visit Google Trends

Free Courses

secret sales funnel strategy

Secret sales funnel strategy

If you are struggling with low conversion rates and hampering website performance then this training will show you a secret sales funnel strategy that you can start using right now to explode your business!!


affiliate marketing training

affiliate marketing bootcamp

Before dropping $10k on your next affiliate marketing course you might want to check this out. This is a free affiliate marketing course which will teach you how to actually do affiliate marketing the right way without burning money on ads and going broke. Yes its free!

 brick and mortar sales funnel

Brick and mortar summit

Do you own a brick and mortar business? If you do then you must get the brick and mortar summit which will show you how a selected group of entrepreneurs are growing their business by driving new sales online to offline. Brilliat!